Deepish Thoughts Volume 3: The Poors Are At It Again

Comic Caleb Salvatore rants about cursing in front of children and Poors on meth in this week’s episode of Deepish Thoughts. — Support this podcast:

Deepish Thoughts Volume 2: AIDS > Tik Tok

Caleb Salvatore talks about adults who use Tik Tok and makes an endorsement for the 2020 presidential election. — Support this podcast:

Drunk and bringing the Fuuuuuunk

With Dre out and the guest having tech issues, Erin and Raptor bring on friends of the show Dan Behrman and John Phillips to talk about the meaning of life! — Support this podcast:

Deepish Thoughts Volume 1: Rudy Was Offsides/Interview With A Pornstar

Comic Caleb Salvatore unveils his new show “Deepish Thoughts” on the Drunk N Disorderly Media network. Caleb discusses overreactions to the Super Bowl, what motivates mediocre people and interviews a premium Snapchat model in this week’s episode. — Support this podcast:

Blooded the Brave

We sat down with Blooded the Brave to talk about the Rap industry and some of our favorite music and cultural movements. — Support this podcast:

Deathmatch: Dan Behrman vs Max Abramson

A presidential debate for the Libertarian Party nomination. Dan and Max talk about China, immigration, abortion, and all the other things Libertarians hate talking about — Support this podcast:

New Year, New War

Dan Fishman, the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party, join Dre and Raptor to hang out and talk about Iran launching missiles at US bases. THey would go on to talk about happier things. — Support this podcast:

LNC Chair Debate: Mike Shipley vs Josh Smith

Mike Shipley and Josh Smith sit down with Scott Zimmerman to have a debate in the race for the LNC chair. Both make strong points and end up looking good. — Support this podcast: